First of all, happy Valentine day! We :heart: you!

This is going to be pretty short.

Richie & Riccardo met in town for a raid at the Apple store, followed by some pairing at one of the local coffee shops. After several years of practicing and promoting remote work, I still find fascinating how refreshing it is to work in a context where meeting coworkers in person becomes a productivity boost and a reason for celebration :rocket: :tada:

That spawned some musings over the privileges that working remotely grants us: not only we get the freedom to choose where to work from and enjoy the time and monetary savings that come from cutting the commuting exercise, but we are also in a better position to face (or avoid exposure to) extreme weather phenomena (like recent storms and floods in the UK) and epidemics.

For more on this topic (from a different source) see also State of Remote Work 2020

Lajos is still busy with the “office hunt”, we still hope to find a nest before the summer. :house:

Zoli has been diving into the details of OSM and leaflet with the usual zeal :star:

As a team, we started a periodic review of the tools we use as part of our daily workflow; among those proposed for adoption:

  • “Today I learned” (adapted by Laszlo from Hashrocket’s)
  • better / more frequent use of this blog as a learning platform and self-reflection tool
  • trial github project boards vs trello for shared task-lists