Ok it’s been some time: first a week, then another, then Halloween passed, then Black Friday, and not even New Year’s Day managed to bring our weekly blog back. Truth, as boring as it could be, is that the last few months have been crazy in 100starlings’ nest, generally (although not always) in a good way:

  • Alex has been absorbed by the new lead mentioned in the summer. Project sea lion has been a fantastic way for him to flex his software architect muscles, and a real treasure trove of case study materials, as well as a great workbench for our collaboration and project management practices.
  • Project shoeshine grew into something bigger than we expected, and having delivered the phase 1 in early December we’re currently planning phase 2. This project taught me a lot about patience and navigating enterprise bureaucracy, something you don’t often have a chance to do as a small software development cooperative.
  • Project Cub has been progressing as well, and in particular toward the end of the year I celebrated the end of a several weeks long grind through edge cases and browser idiosyncrasies. Oh, that feeling when all those individually crafted, seemingly unrelated pieces eventually join perfectly! Which reminds me, I had my mind blown by this piece on gears. You’re welcome.
  • We also started work on two new projects: a small prototype for an early stage mobile startup, and another “phase 2” for a company that is doing some mportant work in the green tech space.

Finally, we lost an element of the team: Norbi decided to move on and pursue an opportunity with a friend of his just before the end of the year; as sad as seing him go makes us, we wish him the best of luck in his new venture.

This also means that our murmuration is now at least one starling short! So, If you are a software developer and like the idea of working with a fully remote company of decent human beings on projects ranging from moving boxes to fixing climate change, please consider saying hi!