100Starlings existed as an entity since the 9th March 2015 - yet in reality… most of the core team assembled around 2014 - we were all working on the same client project, that is, Riccardo, myself, Laszlo, Zoli, Pete and Norbi.

And I cannot believe that it is already 5 years of working together, and more than 4 since forming up officially - or that it has taken us this long to write our first blog post!

The reality though is a lot more nuanced - we’ve been kept extremely busy with work, and it took us a while to find our voice. You never know till you write it down and someone says it’s interesting, right?


Well, what has been, has been, let’s concentrate on this week, at least! For which the highlight, at least, has been having Richie visit Budapest, more of us working from the said Budapest office, and managing to squeeze in the last day of the Szigetfest music festival as a social event with Lajos, Zoli, Richie and myself. It might sound trivial, but while we try to regularly gather the team for a few days retreat, this time we’d left it for too long to do a proper social event and co-working session… so much so that as a result we’ve decided to experiment with a permanent Discord audio channel for anyone that wants to join in. On a similar note, we’ve also setup a slack channel for alumni and friends - our way of keeping in touch with 100S related happenings and so forth. Not that there aren’t plenty of other social media channels to make that happen, but organising happenings and meet ups and serendipity comes easier, we hope. This is very early days and therefore we’re keeping the slack invite only, but if it works as we think it will, we’ll open it up soon, keep an eye on this channel for more details.

Side projects

Work wise … Laszlo was off, and I had 3 days of holiday with the family too, so a bit of a tight schedule. I did end up doing a welcome pitstop at Laszlo’s on Saturday for lunch, which spawned a couple of conversations… Solar panels and installations (disclaimer: we like being green) kind of feels the norm, but seeing an amazing woodworking project (Canadian prospector’s canoe) resulted in raising the topic of electric drivetrain Motorboats. It was also a good reminder to accelerate the Niva conversion project we’ve got in the works (our 88kW SRIPM motor probably being a bit overkill in a marine application, but… tempting!)

Client work & Biz Dev

Learned this week that there’s no easy place to direct users of a website to upgrade their browser to a more modern version. Sounds quite basic, but… you’d think that in the interest of security, automatic updates and nudges would be more common-place. The reality is that there’s a core set of offenders that don’t particularly have the mindset of offering a seamless experience to end users…

Richie and I also had some fun with device detection - both client and server side, and got reminded how much fun it is to support all the Apple devices and their resolutions. Here’s iPhones, and spot the extra kinks the Plus’es have.

I’ve also been reminded that when interviewing for something, it’s worth aiming to the role/position/brief advertised. Having feedback such as “pass, he’s too good” can be a confidence boost, but at the same time counterproductive to the task at hand. Next installment on this story Thursday, hoping to get to talk about Browserstack automation and integration into a test suite.